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NDT – Conventional
NDT – Advanced
NORM and Waste
Produced Water
Oil Spell Response
Radiation decontamination
Heat Treatment
Industrial Safety
Professional Manpower
Specialized Training
Oil & Gas Cleaning
Cathodic Protection
Pigging of Pipelines


STEM an Educational Service

STEM an Educational Service
The tight binding of the educational systems with the industrial entries of manpower mandates taking care of the STEM education in K-12 and further in the higher studies institutions.

We provide many consultation and implementation services to colleges, schools, parents and individuals to help digesting and submerging more STEM activities in the daily life.

The participation of the industry in education is one of the 21st century requirements for an effective teaching/ learning that LEEDS to producing qualified STEM generations.


ADNOC & Total sign New ADCO Concession Agreement

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Total signed in January the 40-years New ADCO Concession Agreement for the ADCO onshore oil fields in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE. By this agreement, Total, which presented the best technical and commercial offers, receives a 10% participating interest in the new concession and is appointed Asset Leader for the South East and Bu Hasa integrated Asset Groups, with effect from 1 January 2015, while additional companies will be added soon. Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore
Petroleum Operations Limited (ADCO), which was established by law on 8 December 2014 to replace previous ADCO, will continue to operate the integrated asset groups of Bab, Bu Hasa, South East (Sahil, Asab, Shah, Qusahwira, Mender) and Northeast Bab (Al Dabb’iya, Rumaitha, Shanayel). ADCO plans to reach 1.8 Million barrels a day production in 2017