As the vast majority of the industries all over the world needs to benefit from the continuous advancement that is born every morning all over the globe, we in LEEDS, are specialized in monitoring the various emerging industrial problems and challenges and look for the highly needed technological solutions created in the scientific and technical research laboratories.

We are building an intensive network of contacts that include both the clients and the providers to interconnect and deliver the right solution for the high potential challenges. In the Oil& Gas industries, we have the capability of matching all the types of needs either in construction, launching or under operation services. Similar high caliper of solution provision is available for all other industrial sectors, including power plants, petrochemicals, and food industries.

LEEDS have the main branch in the United States, it covers Canada and Europe as well. Other branches are in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and coming in Azerbaijan. The main line of success we follow is to present the achievements of the global innovative researchers and solution providers to the client all over the world. Our presence in the various strategic industrial events highlights us as global outstanding business connectors.