LEEDS industrial was established in the United States as a channel for the business flow from the US and Canada industrial markets to Middle Eastern market and the rest of the world. The reason we targeted the Middle East is our presence and long experience especially in the industrial market of the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


As the main services of our company are related to the interactive and joint business opportunities, and are targeting of oil & gas, energy and environmental industries, other fields of business that we provide include:


Technical Solutions:

We are capable of providing unique advanced technical solutions for the urgently merging challenges in the various industrial facilities. Utilizing our network of technical experts, we provide recommendations for the immediate solutions and secure the communication with the solution provider and work with both parties to implement the needful business agreement.


Project Brokerage:

Monitoring and targeting the latest available business and project releases, we hunt the opportunities through our presence in active spots. Our fields of experience and contacts are extended deeply in almost all business sectors in the Gulf region. Moreover, we are capable of facilitates the business flow in the region and beyond.


Business Consultancy:

Through our business background we provide consultancy and professional recommendation about the local and international business opportunities. Our connections in the American and Canadian markets are always ready to provide support and we are close contact with our clients in the GCC.



New business opportunities in the Gulf are opened almost on daily basis, and the ancient expertise in the advanced technologies are of high demand. As part of the business network, we always launch the appropriate connections that lead to the startup of win-win partnerships.



Many of the companies in the Gulf express the desire to be represented in conferences, discussions, meetups and exhibitions in the US or Canada. Our representation service includes attending these events on behalf of the concerned company, distributing their brochures, business cards, software; holding presentations and demos of their companies, inviting for, organizing and conducting video conferences and calls. In addition, follow ups and arrangements are taken to open the door for visitors in both directions. These arrangements include all the administrative work from the invitation, applications and visa processing to secure the needful legal actions until composing the agenda of the visit in the final approved form by all relevant parties.


Facilities and Logistics:

The branches of LEEDS industrial coordinate to provide all the logistic and administrative services needed for the American and Canadian business and technology representatives making business trips to the gulf states. These services include the visa processing and the trip arrangements as travelling, accommodation and all the logistic needs for visits of multiple stations, and multiple countries.